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Tips for a Socially Distant Get Together

Updated: May 19, 2021

With restrictions easing across the country, many people are looking at outside gatherings to reconnect with friends and family. But is it possible to do those activities responsibly? Yes, say the experts — with the proper precautions, you can absolutely spend time with close friends and family, all while staying safe and having lots of fun! So we're rounding up some simple, easy, and safe tips so you and your guests are happy and healthy!

Tip 1: Keep the guest list small

A recent poll by the New York Post shared that seventy-eight percent of Americans surveyed said they expect strict safety measures to be enforced at any party and they’d only be comfortable with an average of six guests in attendance.

Tip 2: Keep social distance by placing the chairs 6 feet apart

Use masking tape or chalk to indicate 6 feet! In the same poll by the New York Post, in terms of safety measures that would make respondents feel comfortable, 49 percent would like to see socially distanced tables and chairs.

Tip 3: Make a sanitizer station

Keep your guests sanitized with hand sanitizer, wipes, and reusable masks. Place the sanitizer stations in a few different spots so people don't congregate!

Tip 4: Single serve

Skip the buffet and family style! Use single servings for all your food and beverage options.

Tip 5: Use paper or plastic everything

Pre-portion your foods and serve them in paper or plastic containers/wrappers. This avoids multiple hands touching someone else's food.

It even makes for a great way to serve food to guests! Just place your individually wrapped foods in a themed-basked that matches the party aesthetic.

Tip 6: Kids Crafts

If you're looking for a way to keep the kids busy and usually have them play games, to minimize contact, have individual crafts for the kids. You can even turn it into a 'basket' to give to kids as a party favor!


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