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How To Throw A Fall Brunch!

Since it's football season and the men are away watching the game somewhere, the women will play! So why not grab your girls and throw a fall-themed Sunday brunch? We're sharing tips, tricks, and recipes to help make your fall brunch go smoothly and effortlessly!

Tip 1: Pick A Theme!

A fall themed brunch is the perfect way to welcome the new season. All you have to do in incorporate fall flavors/things: apples, pumpkin, cranberries, etc. For decor, use colors like white, red, orange, and gold.

Click here for how to make these Cranberry Candles.

Tip 2: Easy To Make & Easy To Serve!

Who wants to create a ‘made-to-order’ omelet, or dishes that will have you running around the kitchen the whole brunch? Give yourself a break, and serve a few dishes on a buffet table or family style. Prep as much in advance as possible so you can spend the most time with your guests!

Food in order (top left to bottom right): Build-Your-Own Yogurt Station, Fall-flavored Salad, Breakfast Quiche Muffin, Leaf Tortilla Chips, French Toast Sticks. Click on these links for the full recipes.

Tip 3: Add Touches Where You Can

Serving food in themed dishware adds another level of the theme. If it’s a smaller brunch, splurge on a nice set of themed dishware that can be used all season long. If it's a bigger brunch, there are tons of plastic and paper options available.

Tip 4: Use Food That Doubles as Decor

Grab squash and pumpkins and hallow them out. Fill them up with olives, nuts or whatever you would like. They make the place look festive and lovely without spending too much money on decorations. Click here for more information on how to make these.

Tip 5: Simple But Delicious Cocktails

You don't need to make fancy cocktails that have 10 ingredients in them each. Instead, go for the classic cocktails that are simple to make but just as delicious. And always make more than you'll need (but drink responsibly).

Are you hosting a fall themed brunch? Share it with us down below in the comments or on Instagram @limorloves!


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