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How To Make A Fall-Flavored Salad

Okay, we get it, unless you add Pumpkin Spice mix into your salad there probably isn't a recipe called "Fall Flavor Salad". But alas, here we are creating (and sharing) a yummy one with you!


  • Arugula

  • Apple Slices

  • Pomegranate Pearls

  • Dried Cranberries

  • Walnuts

  • Goat Cheese

  • Balsamic Vinaigrette

How To Make:

  1. Add your Arugula, or whatever salad mix you like, to a bowl.

  2. Slice your apples. Once they're sliced, add them to a bowl.

  3. Add your pomegranate pearls to the salad bowl.

  4. Then top with some dried cranberries.

  5. Next up, add add some chopped (or whole) walnuts into the salad.

  6. Sprinkle some goat cheese all over the salad.

  7. Drizzle some balsamic vinaigrette over the salad, make sure it's evenly coated.

  8. Serve and enjoy!

Making this salad? Share it with us below in the comments or on Instagram @limorloves!


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