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How To Make A Store Bought Pie Look Homemade!

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

The holiday season is the busiest time of year and sometimes we need to put on our hack-hat! If you're looking for a simple hack to make a boring store bought Pie look homemade, we're sharing this amazing and easy hack with you!

Things Needed:

  • Store bought Pie

  • Pre-made pie dough

  • Thanksgiving-themed cookie cutters

  • Egg Wash

How To:

  1. Bake your store-bought pie according to the instructions.

  2. Using cookie cutters, cut out the pre-made pie dough into the shapes.

  3. Brush egg wash on top of the shapes.

  4. Bake the shapes for 5-10 minutes at 425 degrees (or until they’re golden brown).

  5. Place the cooked shapes on your pie.

To watch Limor make this craft, click here or watch down below. For more hacks, click here!


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