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Carrots In Dirt!

Carrots in dirt are always our go-to for the Easter holiday season! We're sharing this cupcake and ice cream cone version of the recipe. It's easy and super duper cute, you won't want to eat it!

Things You'll Need:

  • Sugar Cones

  • Orange Chocolate Melts

  • Orange Funfetti Cake Mix (if you can’t find orange cake mix, you can use white cake mix with equal parts yellow and red food color)

  • Orange Funfetti Icing (if you can’t find orange icing, make some with equal parts yellow and red food color)

  • Green edible grass

  • Orange Sugar Crystals

  • Crushed Oreo cookies

How To Make Them:

1) Melt Orange Candy Melts in a small crockpot. You can also microwave for 30 seconds, mix, 30 seconds, mix, until all are melted.

2) Dip Ice Cream cold into candy melts, then put them onto parchment paper.

3) Place in fridge for 10-15 min, enough time for the chocolate to harden.

4) Make orange cupcake mix according to the package.

5) Once the cupcakes cool, put them into the ice cream cone. You might need to shape the cupcake so it fits the cone.

6) Add small amount of icing on top.

7) Dip the cone into the orange sugar crystals.

8) Add edible grass (the more the better), in the middle of the cupcake. You might need to poke a whole in the middle of the cupcake to make it easier.

9) In a large plastic bag, crush up the Oreo cookies.

10) Place the crushed Oreos into a plastic cup, until it's about half full.

11) Add the carrot into the 'dirt.'

12) Serve and enjoy! Making these? Share them with us on Instagram @limorloves!


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