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Easter Charcuterie Platters!

We're serving up some Easter charcuterie inspiration for you! This holiday, charcuterie platters come in meat and cheese and desserts!

Simple Cheese Platter

For this platter, all you need to do is grab your Easter-themed cookie cutters!

Duncan Hines & Peeps

Express your PEEPS-onality with this dessert platter!

Lindt CharCUTEerie

Grab Americans favorite GOLD BUNNY from Lindt to make another dessert (mostly chocolate) platter!

Bunny Veggie Board

Packed with veggies, this board is so cute! Who knew a hummus bunny could look so delish?!

Image Credit: The Baker Mama

Simple Board

This is a super simple board that's a combo of appetizers and dessert!

Image Credit: Oh How Charming

Assorted Appetizers

This board is perfect for when you have multiple small appetizers!

Bunny Cheese Ball

Did someone say cheese?! Shape it into an Easter Bunny!

Image Credit: OMG Chocolate Desserts!

Healthy & Sweet

This board is the ultimate Easter charcuterie board with sweet and healthy foods!

Image Credit: Ain't Too Proud To Meg

Grab The Chocolates!

This dessert board has PEEPs and chocolate, making is sweet and delish!

Image Credit: Passion For Savings

Dessert Dips!

This board includes chocolate, PEEPS, and dessert dips!

Image Credit: A Pumpkin and A Princess

Making an Easter charcuterie board? Share it with us on Instagram @limorloves!

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored.

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