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Creative DIY Easter Eggs

We're rounding up some of the cutest DIY Easter eggs that are so creative. DIY-ing eggs is also a fun activity to do with your kids and family!

Check out some of our originals we've featured on the blog, these super cute Emoji eggs, Unicorn eggs, Minion eggs, Bunny eggs, and Bedazzled Eggs!

These tissue paper eggs are super unique, no egg comes out the same!

Image Credit: The Crafty Blog Stalker

We get it, it sounds weird but these come out super cute and aren't that messy!

Image Credit: Brie Passano

This DIY uses rice and a ziplock bag for less of a mess and they come out super cute!

If you don't know what to do with your leftover Easter sprinkles, try decorating them on your eggs but be careful not to eat them!

Image Credit: Jackie Alpers via Food Network

We're sure everyone has nail polish in inventory. If you're looking to upgrade your nail polish without wasting the old ones, try this DIY!

These eggs look super expensive, so no one will ever know they're DIY!

Image Credit: Studio DIY

How cute are these tiny gumball machine eggs and they're super easy to make!

Image Credit: A Joyful Riot

Get extra festive this Easter with these Pinata Easter eggs!

Image Credit: A Subtle Revelry

Are you DIY-ing Easter eggs? Share it with us on Instagram @limorloves!


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