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Thanksgiving Decor: Turkey Leg

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

We're sharing a super easy DIY way to decorate your Thanksgiving table, or to decorate around the house for the whole month of November!

Things You Need:

Light brown shade of yarn (or rubber band)

White construction paper

Brown paper bag

Tissue paper


How To Make:

  1. Trace a bone along the white construction paper. Pro Tip: find a bone cut-out online.

  2. With scissors, cut the bones. Set aside.

  3. Fill your brown paper bag with tissue paper. Make sure there is a few inches at the top of the bag.

  4. Once you're ready to close the bag, insert the bone.

  5. Gently crunch the bag at the top. Gently, as to not crush the bone.

  6. Tie it shut with the yarn. Make sure the knot of yarn is on the "bottom" of the turkey.

  7. Place the Turkey stick whenever you like and enjoy!

If you make this, share it with us on Instagram @limorloves!


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