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DIY Turkey Bottle Centerpiece

The perfect addition to a Thanksgiving table are these DIY Turkey Bottle Centerpieces. The best part: you can use an old wine bottle or go out and buy a new one, we won't tell!

What You'll Need:

  • Bottle (cleaned and without the label)

  • (Faux) Maple Leaves

  • Googly eyes

  • Scissors

  • Glue dots


  1. Once the bottle is cleaned and the label is completely off, add the leaves in the shape of Turkey feathers to the bottle, using glue dots. Tip: Make sure the stems of the leaves aren’t showing. Do this all the way to the bottom of the bottle.

  2. Add googly eyes

  3. Add them to the bottle, closer to the ridge of the bottle, on the other side of where the leaves were first glued

  4. Cut a triangle out of the yellow leaf -this will serve as the beak

  5. Cut out the wattle with a red leaf

  6. Glue on the bottle

  7. Place in the center of the table

To watch Limor make this craft, click here or watch down below. For more hacks, click here!

We have to give credit where credit is due, we found this on TikTok via @craftandsparkle


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