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Recipes and Sauces for Filet Mignon

August 13th is National Filet Mignon Day! We’ve rounded up some sauces and recipes that will pair perfectly with your next meal that will leave your mouth watering!

If you’re looking for how to cook the perfect Filet Mignon, you can seek advice here!

Image credit: Parker Feierbach

The garlic herb butter will melt in your mouth and the filet will be super tender!

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Made with a mushroom wine cream sauce, this filet will be cooked to perfection!

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This rich balsamic glaze isn’t overpowering but will give your filet lots of flavor.

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The Dijon mustard will pack a slight twang, paired perfectly with creamy mushrooms.

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Using a red wine, serving this filet with mashed potatoes will be a hit!

Image credit: Iain Bagwell

Cubbed, tender, and stir-fried and made with soy sauce.

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