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National Picnic Month! Some Picnic Essentials

July kicked off National Picnic Month and here is what you will need to pack for the most perfect summer picnic!

Easy to Travel Blanket

This blanket is a great size and can be easily rolled up and carried!

Wine Holder Set

Don't stress about you glasses falling over and the wine or drinks spilling with this 5 piece wine holder set. This great set can be put straight into the grass and hold your drinks the whole day!

Picnic Basket

This basket is super light to carry and will keep all of your picnic essentials organized!

Portable Speaker

The JBL Clip 3 Speaker is portable and bluetooth so you listen to all your favorite music at your picnic.


Card games like What Do You MEME, Cards Against Humanity and Kids Against Maturity are great to play and will keep your picnic fun and interesting.

Bamboo Board

This Board is perfect to enjoy all of your favorite meats and cheeses!


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