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Five Drinks For National Prosecco Day!

National Prosecco Day is August 13th and we’re sharing our favorite Prosecco cocktails that will have you wishing you were on a beach in Italy! Our favorite Prosecco brands are Mionetto & Rindo Prosecco Frizzante.

Raspberry Limoncello

The perfect fruity drink to satisfy your sweet tooth!

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Prosecco Slushies

This summer's go-to drink are slushies, so only naturally we’d have to enjoy a Prosecco slushie!

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Prosecco Margarita

The perfect twist on the classic Margarita!

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Sparkling Cranberry Cocktail

Not only does this make a great holiday cocktail but it’s also incredibly light and bubbly!

Aperol Sprtiz

Hands-down the most famous, classic Prosecco cocktail around the world!

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In case you missed it, check out our post on food recipes with Prosecco!

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