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Back To School Ready Books For Kids

With summer now (almost) over and back to school season in full swing, it can be hard for children to get mentally ready to get back into the mindset of going to school. It's a big adjustment, from having a fluid summer routine to a more strict school schedule.

We're rounding up some children's books you can ready to them to help them prepare for school!

This children's book is a light-hearted book that shares the dilemma of going back to school in the Coronavirus environment. Silly ducks and goats navigate through both in-school and remote-learning experiences in a way that both children and parents can relate.

In this children's book, Percy shows you the rules of exactly what not to do because Percy's at the head of the class. If you can follow his ten simple rules, making the grade will be a piece of cake (and school will be a lot of fun).

In this six book series, is an enchanting story about the anticipated first day of school! Everyone knows that sinking feeling in the pit of the stomach just before diving into a new situation. Sarah Jane Hartwell is scared and doesn't want to start over at a new school. This charming and familiar story will delight readers with its surprise ending.

It's the first day of school at Frederick Douglass Elementary and everyone's just a little bit nervous, especially the school itself. What will the children do once they come? Will they like the school? Will they be nice to him? Find out in this book!

This interactive story is the perfect tool for parents of kids who are reluctant or nervous about going to school. It's just another school morning...until Mom, Dad, Grandma, and even Bow-wow the dog BEG the kids to let them come to school, too!

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