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Apple Cider Vinegar Products!

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is all the rage during the Fall season. Although none are officially backed by science, there are many health benefits to drinking ACV, such as lowering blood sugar, killing harmful bacteria, aiding in weight loss, and a few others.

Instead of making your own Apple Cider Vinegar, we're rounding up some products that contain ACV as their main ingredient!

Newman’s Own Honey Apple Cider Vinaigrette is made with quality ingredients and contains no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. It is great for a main dish, side dish and as a marinade. Newman’s Own donates 100% profits to charity, so you can feel good knowing you’re getting the benefits of ACV, while also giving back.

Potato Chips meets ACV for a Fall twist on the classic vinegar and oil chips. Crisp and tart taste of tangy apple cider with slight sweet notes and our Kettle Brand crunch.

All the good stuff you want in your food and they're paleo-friendly! These puffs are made with Himalayan Salt and Apple Cider Vinegar!

Don't want to drink or eat ACV? Try gummies! It's the first of it's kind and more are sure to pop up.

Mrs. Meyer’s clean day liquid hand soap contains a special recipe of aloe vera gel, olive oil and a unique blend of natural essential oils to create a hard working, non-drying, yet softening cleaner for busy hands. So it's the good type of soap, without any of the bad ingredients!

ACV in haircare has been said to improve your scalp and aid in healthier hair. This hair rinse by dpHUE is a shampoo substitute that cleanses and removes impurities without stripping hair color and essential natural oils.

Just like for your hair, there are many benefits for ACV on your body as well. It's made with ACV and apple juice, so it smells just like a crisp Fall day, and it's made without parabens, sulfates, and all the icky stuff.

What are some of your go-to Apple Cider Vinegar products? Share them with us below in the comments or on Instagram @limorloves!


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