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Fall Foods with Atkins!

From summer to fall, sometimes you need to hit the reset button on your diet. “It’s back to regularly scheduled programming,” as Limor likes to say.

Limor has been following the Atkins Lifestyle for years! If you’re not familiar, it’s the leading low carb lifestyle that empowers people to live their best healthy lives and Limor loves it because you see great results, yet never feel deprived.

The best part - you can still have sweet treats! The folks over at Atkins have a line of Atkins friendly sweet treats! Such as Dulce De Leche Cake Dessert Bars, Peanut Butter Cups, and a variety of cookies! They’re all so delicious but even more, you don’t need to sacrifice your wellness goals to enjoy them!

One thing Limor has learned through her years of eating healthy, is having a group or a challenge to keep you on track is a great way to stay motivated and focused!

Atkins has a 5-week program that focuses on the 5 top areas of overall health and wellness:

  • Physical Health

  • Home & Organization

  • Financial Health

  • Nutrition

  • Mental Health

The Atkins 5-week program celebrates small wins and provides achievable steps and attainable goals, they also have giveaways! A great example of a nutrition small win is to reduce your carbs and sugar – and you can do that by trying one of Atkins’ latest products, Peanut Butter Protein Cookie.

Throughout the 5-week program, Atkins will champion people to focus on these five areas through #AtkinsSmallWins.

You can check out the 5 week program @atkinsnutritionals on Instagram and learn how to get involved. And remember, small wins are a great way to get big results!

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. Atkins is a sponsor of Limor Media, which owns


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