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Work From Home Decor

With the majority of people working or going to school from home, people are fixing up their work spaces. It’s not spring cleaning anymore, it’s work from home cleaning! Re-decorating or rearranging your space might make you feel more productive or make you feel as if you’re sitting in your office instead of at home.

We’re big fans of, items come as printable, downloadable, or framed and made by local/small artists. Minted has everything you’ll need - birthday cards, invitations, wallpaper, commissioned art, gifts, etc! We’re sourcing some of our favorites for you, from the office decor section!

Framed Options:

You can also get these as unframed! Frames come in different sizes, wood, and colors.


If you don’t want a frame, also offers printable versions of practically all their items!


Looking at your days into the future can sometimes be exciting. For example, when you have a vacation coming up next month, flip to the days of that month that say “vacation” and you’ll have an instant smile and it gives you something to look forward to!

Sometimes we underestimate the power of a good background on our computer! Switching from screen to screen, if you see something that makes you happy, even if only for a second, it might make you become more productive.

Need more inspiration? Check out our Pinterest!


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