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Valentine's Day Crafts: Love Bug

Little boys and little girls will be sure to love these “love bugs”! It's super easy to DIY or you could buy the mason jar cut-out and decorate it yourself! Plus, the kids get an extra toy!

What You’ll Need:

Assortment of Plastic Bugs Black and Red markers Glue Dogs Mason Jar Cut-Outs (from Michaels or make yourself)


  1. If you bought the Mason Jar cut-outs, decorate the outside of them with the black and red markers to say "Love Bug, Happy Valentine’s Day, etc."

  2. If you're DIYing it, print out an image of a mason jar, cut it out, outline with a black marker, and write out Love Bug, Happy Valentine’s Day. Stick onto a red background.

  3. Add glue dot to stick on plastic bugs (this way the bugs don’t get sticky and can be used as a toy)!

Making these? Share them with us on Instagram @limorloves!


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