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Valentine's Day Craft: I'm Bananas For You

This adorable monkey is great for both boys and girls, some simple shapes will turn into a cute monkey, add some banana flavored candy and kids will go ape for this Valentine.

What you’ll need:

  • Light brown, dark brown, pink, and fun cardstock

  • Banana candy or banana flavored candy

  • Plastic bags for candy

  • Glue Stick (or whatever adhesive, glue dots, double sided tape, etc)

  • Black Marker

  • Stapler


With the dark brown cardstock, cut one 3.5″ circle and two 2-inch circles. With light brown cardstock, cut out a 3.5″ heart, 3.5 x 2.5 oval, and two 1-inch circles

Glue the light brown 1-inch circles onto the center of the dark brown 2-inch circles to make the ears.

Glue the heart to the large circle.

Then glue the oval, make sure the heart is facing up.

Then add the ears. They should be glued to the back of the money face. Make sure there is a little light brown poking out, so it looks realistic.

Write out I’m bananas for you on pink cardstock.

Glue the money face to a sheet of fun cardstock.

Add a face to the monkey. Two eyes and a smile!

Then glue the I'm Bananas For You cardstock to the bottom of the monkeys face, where the fancy cardstock and the face meet.

Then, add a handful of banana candy to a plastic bag and close it.

Staple the monkey cardstock to the plastic bag with candy.

Label and you're all set to go!

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