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Tonies: Screen-Free Audio Entertainment For Kids!

Tonies is an award-winner, screen-free audio entertainment system designed for children three years and older. It is currently the fastest growing toy company in Europe and has now launched in the United States!

Tonies offers endless interactive listening designed to foster imagination and active, independent play. Developed by two dads who sought out to solve a struggle that all parents face: keeping their kids entertained independently while limiting screen time.

The Toniebox is a soft, shockproof, five-inch cube made of durable fabric. It contains no screens, sharp corners or edges, ads, camera or a microphone, making it super simple, safe, and fun for kids to use.

This is the breakdown of how it works:

  • Parents Not Required – the soft-enough-to-cuddle shockproof, five-inch Toniebox cube was designed for small hands, made of durable fabric without screens, sharp corners/edges, complicated controls, etc. It’s simple, safe and fun for kids to use on their own

  • Take It Everywhere – the Toniebox’s cute design is durable and built to travel everywhere with your child

  • Closed Ecosystem – After initial set up, WiFi is no longer required for use. Unlike YouTube or Amazon’s Alexa, the Toniebox and tonies figures work on a closed ecosystem that’s not connected to the internet (it’s NOT a hackable smart speaker). It utilizes RFID technology, not Bluetooth

  • Listen, Play & Collect – The Toniebox comes to life when paired with the collection of tonies, hand-painted characters with hours of stories, songs and worlds to explore. tonies magically (and magnetically) attach to the Toniebox, allowing kids to listen to something different every time

  • Create Your Own StoriesCreative-Tonies lets users explore their own creativity with up to 90mins of customized content recorded anywhere - now distant loved ones can read a story from anywhere in the world

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored.


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