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Tobi™ Robot Smartwatch, New Wearable Tech for Kids!

Little Tikes, the parent-trusted children’s toy brand for more than 50 years, is launching its first-ever, technology-forward product, with personality: Tobi™ Robot Smartwatch!

Designed for ages 4-8, and perfect for interactive learning and play (which is a total must-have right now and for the ‘new normal’ school year!) - Tobi™ Robot Smartwatch has six key features, including an interactive and playful personality with over 100 expressions and moving arms and legs, dual cameras, tons of fun games, fitness activities and a full function smartwatch. Built for durability, it’s no match for tough play, indoors and out.

The Smartwatch will be available beginning on August 1st at major retailers including Walmart, Target and Amazon, for a retail price of $54.99.


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