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Tips To Get Your Home Ready For Fall!

Well, it's officially time to say bye to summer and hello to fall! We're sharing some tips to get your home ready for the colder season!

  • Add your kettle to the stove for tea

  • Add your coffee warmer mugs to the front of the cabinets for easy access

  • Take out the slow cooker, you'll probably be using it more for soups

  • Go to the store and grab some hot chocolate and mini marshmallows

  • Grab some fall-scented candles

  • In a cute woven basket, add blankets next to the couch for easy access

  • Swap your comforter and bedsheets to thicker sheets

  • Add some fleece blankets as part of your bedsheets

  • Swap your summer jackets for your thicker fall/winter coats

  • Say bye to tank tops and hello to sweaters, it's time for a closet swap

  • From the back of your closet grab mittens, hats, and scarves

  • Trade your summer shoes for winter shoes

  • Grab some extra firewood for your outdoor fire-pit or indoor fireplace

How are you getting your home ready for fall? Share it with us below in the comments or on Instagram @limorloves!


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