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The Kinetic Sand Guide!

Global Kinetic Sand Day is August 11th. If your children are fans of sand but you hate the mess that it makes and can’t get to the beach, kinetic sand is a great home-friendly product to buy.

Kinetic Sand is different from regular sand because it’s always wet, yet it never dries out. Since it’s made with silicone oil, instead of water, it will last much longer. This sand can be shaped, stretched or packed to create incredible things from your child’s imagination! Kinetic Sand doesn’t stick to anything other than itself, so there’s no mess! When you squeeze, it oozes, moves and melts through your fingers but leaves your hands completely dry. When you press it together, it sticks together like dough! It’s the perfect ‘toy’ to stimulate your child’s creative skills by allowing them to create whatever they imagine. Kinetic Sand is non-toxic (but please don’t eat it!) and is wheat, gluten and casein free.

Kinetic Sand comes in endless shapes, colors, sizes, tools and playsets!


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