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Super Ideas For Scoring During The Big Game!

Lifestyle Contributor Limor Suss shared some super ideas for this weekend's Super Bowl!

Individual Portioned Chips

Whether you're hosting a small gathering with close friends and family or just your core family members, individual chips are always super cute and safe! No messy hands dipping into the chips and you are able to serve it with cute Football-themed cups!

Healthy Dip

Let's be honest, Super Bowl foods are traditionally a bit unhealthy and fried. If you're looking for a healthier alternative, you're in luck! Limor made a delicious Pesto dip made with Hood Cottage Cheese. Or you can use any Hood Cottage Cheese like Cucumber and Chive. Easy, delish and a great healthier option!

A Quick Dish

Who doesn't love fried chicken and waffles?! If you're looking to make a heartier "meal" but without the mess, all you need are frozen chicken patties and some frozen waffles! Follow the packaging for cooking them. Once they're all cooked, serve them with some maple syrup! And boom, a quick, easy, yet delicious dish!

Virtual Party

Since we likely aren’t going to be watching the Big Game with our friends, a great way to celebrate this year is with a virtual pizza party from Pizzatime! All you do is visit , pick a start time and the number of guests and a hot pizza will arrive just in time for kick-off! PizzaTime will also share a link for you to watch the Big Game together virtually! Its also a fun way to celebrate birthdays and other occasions. They also offer entertainment offerings, like trivia hosts, comedians and more.


Of course no Game Day spread is complete without a fun Football-themed dessert. These Ice Cream Sandwich Football Pops. All you need are Ice Cream Sandwiches, any kind works! And then with white icing, draw on Football laces and you're all set to enjoy!

What are you chefing up for the Big Game? And how are you watching it? Share it with us on Instagram @limorloves!

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