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Summer Themed Party Essentials

Getting excited for summer? Or do you love summer so much you want to throw a summer themed party? We're sharing some summer and beach themed party essentials!

It's going to be sunny outside, so why not get these assorted sunglasses?! They protect guests from the sun and they're stylish!

When we think about summer, we think about Hawaii, and if you can't go to Hawaii, bring Hawaii to you!

Everyone is going to need straws with their drinks! Make basic plastic straws fun with these beach umbrella ones!

Since we're talking about straws and drinks. You'll need somewhere to store and keep your drinks cool.

If you have small kids who need sippy cups, don't leave them out of the spirit! Grab these pineapple reusable cups.

Now let's talk food! You'll need somewhere to put your food and utensils to eat the food with.

If you're setting food outdoors, protect them from bugs and other animals with these mesh food covers!

No beach or summer themed party isn't complete without bubbles! These are especially great to keep kids entertained for a bit.

Disclaimer: This post uses affiliate links, should you purchase an item(s) using the link(s), Limor Media will receive a small commission.


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