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Summer Must-Haves!

In case you missed it, I shared my top six must-have products for this summer!

Since we’re spending more time at home, I’ve started gardening and weeds have been popping up. This product is a non-selective herbicide that kills unwanted plants by moving from the leaves to the root. You see visible results in three hours!

Let’s be real, no one washes their outdoor furniture, and that means they can get a little stinky. Especially when you sit on them after being sweaty on a hot summer day. This product is the perfect tool to help eliminate odors on those hard-to-wash fabrics. Just spray, let dry, and all the bad smells are gone, leaving a nice scent behind!

This formal blooms with the fresh, beachy fragrance of coconut water and aloe vera, bringing to life wholesome, refreshing care for normal hair. It’s perfect for summer time use after the pool or beach. Your hair is left nourished and hydrated, feeling soft and smooth, and smelling like summer.

Formulated with sustainably sourced ingredients, this leave-in conditioner is paraben-free and the packaging is made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic. It helps combat frizz and flyaways making it perfect for the summer heat! Your hair will be left smooth and shiny, while smelling like tropical coconut. The formula is infused with hydrating coconut oil and cocoa butter.

These vitamins are an award-winning vitamin, approved by board-certified medical doctors. With a 98% absorption rate, the liquid formula gives you all the vitamins you need quickly and efficiently. The Mega Premium Multi-Vitamins are a complete daily vitamin for adults. Tropical Oasis’ Biotin, is great for growing strong, healthy, luscious hair.

Skineez has just added two new innovative products to its Skin-Reparative® line to keep everyone healthy and protected. THE FDA-approved, reusable AntiBacterial Face Mask provides soothing, cooling protection. Designed to uniquely soften, cool and protect one's face by combining STA-COOL® moisture management yarn and ZincX™ technologies along with its signature five key moisturizing nutrients for a triple threat in mask protection.


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