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Summer Fun For The Kids!

With the kids home for the summer even if they're in camp it can be hard to keep them occupied since they're not on a strict schedule like when they're in school. We're rounding up some fun summer activities you can do with the kids!

Someone call the fashion police because tie-dye is back in style! And it's more fun if you do it yourself....think about the mess after!

Okay, we have to admit this one can be a bit messy but it's super fun to have a water balloon fight. Because this pack comes with so many, it can keep your kid occupied for the whole day!

It's laser tag but with water, not lasers! Just be careful to avoid the face, for safety!

If you have some area in your front, side, or backyard an inflatable splash pad with sprinklers will keep the kiddos entertained for a while!

If you have a trampoline, there are attachments you can add for sprinklers. Or you could go with the classic inflatable pool.

How are you entertaining the kids this summer? Share it with us in the comments below or on Instagram @limorloves!

Disclaimer: This post uses affiliate links, should you purchase an item using the link(s), Limor Media will receive a small commission.


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