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Spring Cleaning: Makeup

If you're in a spring cleaning mood, don't forget to clean your makeup bag! Makeup bags and other makeup items often go under looked and it's easy to forget that most beauty products have expiration dates. . We're sharing important information regarding cleaning and disposing of your makeup products.

Just as a reminder, experts recommend never sharing makeup.

Makeup Brushes: 3 Months

Since they come into contact with your face for every use and are used for multiple different products, experts recommend replacing them every three months and cleaning them every other use.

Here's a helpful tip to clean your makeup brushes: If you don’t have a makeup brush cleanse, use baby shampoo! Using a paper towel, add baby shampoo and water, then in a circular motion start cleaning the brush. Rinse off and repeat until the brush is completely clean. Make sure you dry the brush completely, and lay out to dry for a few hours.

Mascara: 3 months

Mascara expires the fastest of all cosmetics. It's a constant cycle of the brush being taken out, being applied on our eyes, and put back into the container. While this is happening, bacteria is collected, so if it's not changed it can cause redness, an eye infection, and conjunctivitis, in the most severe cases.

Foundation: 6-12 months

If you're using liquid foundation, typically the shelf life is 6 months. Once the liquid starts to separate and your cream thickens or becomes a rubbery aroma, it's time to toss it. You can extend the life of your foundation, use a cotton swab when you dip into the the bottle.

If you're using a compact foundation, wash the puff or sponge every few weeks.

Lipgloss: 6 months

Unless it turns gooey and clumpy or no longer applies to your lips, you can safely use lipstick for at least eight months. If you apply lip gloss when you have a cold sore or another type of infection, toss it.

Eye Liner: 6 months to 1 year

If your pencil liner starts oozing an oily substance or white film at the tip, toss it immediately. Shave off germs by sharpening the pencil every few days.

If you're using a liquid liner and it starts to thicken or smell different than usual, toss it, but usually they could be kept for about 6 months. Like foundation, this is a breeding ground for bacteria since it's constantly coming into contact with your eyes.

Anti-aging creams and serums, acne treatments and moisturizers: 12 months

It's best to keep all makeup out of moist environments, especially your bathroom as it collects high temperature, which encourage the growth of bacteria.

As long as the product doesn't look or smell different from the first few times you opened it, it should be good for about a year. If it has a weird color or smell, toss it.


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