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Smoothie Packs

Perfect for any meal of the day, these Smoothie packs are a life saver. Just grab them from the freezer and you have a meal pretty much ready on cue.

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It’s as simple as chopping up your favorite fruits and veggies, putting them in a freezer bag, and keeping them in the freezer for a quick breakfast, lunch, or dinner smoothie.

When you're ready to make a smoothie, just add them into a blender with protein powder (my preference is 20/20 from Ffactor) and almond milk and boom! A yummy breakfast smoothie.

Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Almond milk blended with real bananas is my personal favorite- it combines the smooth and creamy goodness of unsweetened Almond Breeze almond milk with real bananas to create a uniquely delicious blend and can easily replace or enhance your morning smoothie – and is also great in your cereal or by the glass.


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