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Salmon Cucumber Bites

Salmon Cucumber Bites will be your go-to appetizer at your next gathering! It's also great if you want a light and filling lunch. It's a super simple and easy recipe that only takes about 10 minutes!


Hood Cottage Cheese with Chive

Thin sliced Salmon

One purple onion



Clean and de-skin your cucumber. Cut into small bite size pieces.

Cut the thin sliced Salmon into smaller pieces.

Cut the purple onion into bite size portions.

How To Make:

Place the cut cucumber pieces onto a plate, facing upright.

Scoop a spoon-full of the chive cottage cheese and place it onto the cucumbers. One scoop per cucumber.

Place the small pieces of Salmon on top.

Place the cut onions on top of the Salmon.

Serve and enjoy!

Did you try these? Aren't they delicious, let us know!


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