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Popsicle Recipes Kids Will Love!

If your kids love popsicles but you don't love the sugar added in them, you can easily create your own! We're rounding up some of our favorite kid-friendly popsicle recipes.

These recipes are all super easy to make, so you could make in bulk and keep in the freezer for any time or day!

Strawberry Popsicle

This is a pretty basic recipe, great for if you're just starting out, made with strawberries and greek yogurt!

Image Credit: Yummy Toddler Food

Green Smoothie Popsicle

If you want to incorporate more veggies into your kids diet, this is the perfect popsicle to do just that! It's everything you'd put into a green smoothie but in popsicle form!

Image Credit: As Easy As Apple Pie

Berry Coconut Milk Popsicles

If you're looking for a dairy alternative, this popsicle recipe will be your kids favorite!

Image Credit: Paleo Scaleo

Fresh Fruit Popsicle

This popsicle is truly a masterpiece, you can add whatever fruit your kiddo likes in it!

Coconut Water Popsicles

These popsicles are made with Coconut Water, for those who want a sweeter yet healthier option, and tons of fruit!

Image Credit: The Harvest Kitchen

Vegan Popsicles

Made with coconut milk, chia seeds, mangos, avocados, and spinach, this popsicle recipe is vegan and sugar free!

Image Credit: Abbey's Kitchen

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