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PIX11 - National Breakfast Month Segment

It's National Breakfast Month and Limor Suss joined PIX11 on 9/21 with some delicious ways to enjoy the most important meal of the day!



Make pre-portioned smoothie bags for a quick and easy morning smoothie!

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Mornings are always hectic -which is why I love to make these smoothie packs ready to go in the freezer. It’s as simple as chopping up your favorite fruits and veggies, putting them in a freezer bag, and keeping them in the freezer for a quick breakfast smoothie. When you're ready to make a smoothie, just add them into a blender with protein powder (my preference is 20/20 from Ffactor) and almond milk and boom! A yummy breakfast smoothie.

Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Almond milk blended with real bananas is my personal favorite- it combines the smooth and creamy goodness of unsweetened Almond Breeze almond milk with real bananas to create a uniquely delicious blend and can easily replace or enhance your morning smoothie – and is also great in your cereal or by the glass.


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Another great meal for when you’re in a rush in the morning - all you need is about 10 minutes at night and then you’re set for the morning! In a jar or 12 oz glass, mix old fashioned oats and almond breeze vanilla almond milk together. In another bowl, mix pumpkin puree, monk fruit, and pumpkin spice seasoning. Put this mixture on top of your oats and stick them in the fridge overnight. In the morning, add some roasted pumpkin seeds and enjoy!

My favorite is the pumpkin seeds from Trader Joe's but hurry and stock up because they sell out fast!


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My favorite breakfast is a spinach feta wrap! This one is lightened up with a low carb wrap -- also instead of a pork sausage (since i don't eat pork) I'm using gardein “sau'sage’. It’s so yummy! The spinach adds fiber, the feta is the perfect salty cheese (though you can use whatever cheese you want) and protein from egg beaters -- you can use regular or egg whites.


Try making these with no tortilla! You’ll want to chop the Gardein ‘Sau'sage’ patties into tiny pieces, chop the spinach, and add your egg beaters eggs into the muffin tin. I use egg beaters because of they are a convenient way to eat well with 5g of protein per serving and half the calories of shell eggs.

Don’t forget to sprinkle the feta cheese on top. Bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes you have the perfect bite sized, low carb, breakfast! Store these in the freezer and pop them in the microwave on busy mornings!


Easy, low carb and delish!

I made these by slicing the cucumber. Then I added Hood Cottage Cheese (you can use any flavor). Then top it off with some sliced Salmon and a super thin slice of red onion.


Sabra’s dark chocolate dessert dip & spread is made with chickpeas so kids won’t even know it’s better for them! The Sabra Dark Chocolate Dessert dip is only 80 calories per serving! To make this, add the Sabra dessert dip & spread to a whole wheat tortilla, add strawberries add another tortilla on top, stick it in a quesadilla presser and done! You have a sweet treat, that you won't even know is better for you!

Don't have a quesadilla maker? Don't worry, you can make this on a pan.


Whether you’re hosting a breakfast party or making breakfast for the family, a pancake board is a fun way to serve your pancakes. On a large platter, spread your pancakes in the middle and add your favorite fruits around them. It’s even Insta-worthy!

Disclosure: Almond Breeze, Sabra, Conagra are all sponsors of LS MEDIA, INC which owns


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