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Picnic Essentials!

June 18th is International Picnic Day and we're rounding up some essentials you'll need for a yummy, safe and fun picnic! Grab your loved ones and go to your favorite park or beach!

Step 1: Start with a basket

You'll need to put your picnic items in a bag. Whether it's a backpack, picnic basket, or portable and foldable basket you'll be able to house everything you need in these!

Step 2: Pack a picnic blanket

Don't forget to pack a picnic blanket as you don't want to get dirt all over your clothes. Don't have a picnic blanket? Just bring beach or pool towels.

Step 3: Pack your food essentials

You'll need utensils, plates, napkins, and cups. To make the picnic more 'fancy,' use regular utensils and cups, instead of plastic ones.

If you're planning on keeping your food out in the open for a bit, these mesh food covers are great for keeping out those pesky insects!

Step 4: Food containers

Obviously you'll want your food to be housed in special containers. We use reusable glass containers but those can be too bulky and heavy for a picnic, therefore an assortment of plastic containers work just as well! And if you have cold food items, don't forget to pack ice packs.

Step 5: Food!

You'll want to pack small and portable meals. Preferably finger foods but really anything your heart desires! Check out our recipe page, which features a ton of great recipes!

Step 6: Trash Bags

Of course you don't want to leave your area a mess! You should bring plastic bags or a garbage bag to place all your trash in, so it doesn't get your picnic basket dirty and you leave the area the way you came to it - clean.

Step 7: Sun Essentials

Being under the sun for a while could result in overheating and sunburn. To avoid all that, pack sunscreen! And for those pesky bugs, bug spray. If you don't want to add another spray, there are bug wipes - they work just the same as spray but in wipe format!

If you're afraid of overheating, pack a misting fan. It's a portable and mini fan that you can add water in to mist yourself if you or the kiddos are overheating.

What do you pack in your picnic bag and what food do you bring? Share it with us on Instagram @limorloves or share it in the comments below!

Disclaimer: This post uses affiliate links, should you purchase an item(s) using the link(s), Limor Media will receive a small commission.


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