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Patriotic Food 'Decor'

Presentation is key, which is why we're sharing some ideas on how to 'decorate' your food at your next patriotic themed party or BBQ.

We also shared a blog post on easy entertaining ideas and patriotic home decor.

Red, White & Blue Star Bowls

An easy way to set up chips and dip is by having star-shaped bowls in red, white and blue. If you're feeling extra festive, make sure your dip is white and you have plain and blue-colored tortilla chips.

You'll also want to make sure you don't add the same color food to the bowl. White dip should go in the blue or red bowl. Blue tortilla chips should go in the white or red bowl. Plain tortilla chips should go in the blue or red bowl.

Food Flag Food Picks

If you're serving small 'finger' foods, like cheese, a super simple idea is to grab American flag food picks. It's also great as guests can use these picks to go back for seconds and there's no pesky dirty hands on everyones food.

Firework Food Picks

If you want to decorate with food picks for bigger foods, grab these firework picks! It's great for burgers as it holds all the condiments in place. So your lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, etc don't fall out of place while everyone picks their burgers!

Star Buckets

If you're serving individually wrapped foods, place them in star cut-out buckets! If you already have too much red, white, and blue it's the perfect way to get some subtle patriotism in your food decor! If you're feeling extra patriotic, serve individually wrapped foods that are red, white, and blue colored.

Some other food decor ideas include: Stars & Stripes Straws, Cupcake Toppers & Wrappers, and Popcorn Treat Bags. If you have food sitting out, these food covers are great!

Using any of these decors? Share it with us on Instagram @limorloves!

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