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New Year's Eve Party Tips & Tricks!

If your New Year's Eve party is looking smaller this year, or even if you're at home with your family, Limor is sharing two fun tricks to make New Year's Eve just as fun and special as years past!

Decorate your own chutes! Using clear spray-on glue, spray the glue onto the chute. Then add the glitter onto the glass. Let it dry and set for a little bit and then you're ready to pop some bubbly!

With mini bottles of bubbly, wrap a name card around the bottle and add a unique straw!

Tip: You want to make sure everything follows the same color scheme. Limor used sliver and gold but you can use any colors you like!

Please drink responsibly. Using any of these tips or tricks? Share them with Limor on Instagram @limorloves!

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