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National S'mores Day

Updated: May 19, 2021

August 10th recognizes the most popular campfire treat! Millions of people of all ages love this gooey, toasted treat. Here are the best recipes using Stuffed Puffs!

Peanut Butter Cookie S'more

This recipe will satisfy your every sweet tooth craving and leave you feeling stuffed with happiness (and chocolate).

Find the recipe here!

Cookie Dough S'more

It's the indulgent treat we've all dreamed of minus the lecture on licking the bowl.

Find the recipe here!

Caramelized Banana S'more

We're not monkeying around when we tell you that this delicious and unique take on s'mores is sure to be a fam favorite in no time flat. 

Find the recipe here!

PB & J S'mores

This sweet take on a lunchtime classic is sure to make you miss the bell for recess and leave you asking for another one.

Find the recipe here!

Check out more recipes at and buy Stuffed Puffs at your local supermarket!


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