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National Rum Day Guide!

To celebrate National Rum Day on August 16th, we’re sharing our favorite Rum recipes and shopping guide!

Rum is super versatile, you can mix it with any fruit or flavor for the ultimate drink! Most Rums are made in the Caribbean, so you can pretend you’re on a beach somewhere in the Caribbean while sipping!

Our favorite rums are Burgual and Bacardi. What are your favorite rum brands and flavors?

Carribean Rum Punch

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The Painkiller

Don’t get scared of the name! It’s a fruity drink with pineapple, orange juice and coconut.

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Malibu Sunset

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Rum & Coke

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Pina Colada

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We’ve included some products that are great for making and serving cocktails. These even make great gifts for your cocktail-loving friends!

Professional Cocktail Shaker Set w/a Double Jigger

Cocktail Muddler

Reusable Straws

TORTUGA Caribbean Rum Cake Mix

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