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Mother's Day: Breakfast In Bed

Don't know what to make Mom for Mother's Day? It's always a good idea to start her day off right, since mom is the best! So start it right with a delicious breakfast in bed!

Use a chalkboard serving tray for personalization. This allows you to write something silly or meaningful to Mom. Don't forget to tell her you love her!

Add Mom's favorite breakfast foods - Confetti Pancakes, Berries & Whipped Cream, etc. And of course, coffee and a Mimosa!

If you're looking for something a bit smaller, try this board. Filled with pastries, such as croissants, assorted fruit, and granola with berries and bananas.

If you're looking for something a bit bigger for breakfast, check out this board. You can even get creative and tell Mom what's written on it, if you don't have room to write a sweet messaging for her.

If you're looking for something a bit quicker, this "board" is perfect! Spell out LOVE with your breakfast items. Mini muffins for the L, a fancy donut for the O, heart-shaped pancakes for the V, and the E is made with berries.

Is Mom not too big into breakfast? Make a quick and simple "dish." All you need is assorted fruit (we used melons), a heart-shaped cookie cutter, and skewers. Don't forget everyone's favorite yoghurt - Noosa!

Are you making Mom breakfast in bed? Share it with us on Instagram @limorloves!

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