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‘Maskne’: How To Avoid It

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

We’ve previously shared the best face masks on the market. Since masks are the new normal, we’ve rounded up some tips to help prevent ‘Maskne’ and some great products that help when you find yourself breaking out.


-If you know you’re going to be wearing your mask for more than a short period of time, avoid wearing make-up

-Wash your mask regularly. Sweat and oil can build up, which could clog your pores.

-Another factor of ‘maskne’ could be the fabric of your mask, try different fabrics, such as cotton

-Moisturize your face before putting on a mask


The cleansing foam that is lightweight but helps clear and prevent acne while also unclogging your pores.

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With naturally derived grapefruit extract plus vitamin C, this is a great scrub that cleanses away any dirt, oil, and bacteria from your face. It doesn’t contain any plastic microbeads.

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Perfect for dry and sensitive skin, this cleanser is award-winning!

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Another great foaming cleanser, this one is made specifically for sensitive skin.

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Moisturizer should be a staple in your skincare routine. Aveeno’s clear complexion cream is great for clearing blemishes, preventing breakouts and evening skin tone and texture.

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This product comes highly recommended by some dermatologists, especially if you have acne-prone skin that is very sensitive.

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USA Today rounded up how to avoid ‘maskne’, read the article here.


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