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Mask Problems? Try A 3D Mask Bracket!

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

On a mission to make masks studier, a teacher from Georgia, Angie Madden came up with a genius invention - the 3D mask bracket!

It’s a silicone mask accessory that you put under your everyday mask, holding your mask in place when you talk. Let’s face it, masks are our new normal and becoming fashionable but we’re always adjusting them. This 3D bracket helps with not swallowing your mask while talking but also helps by creating more space between your mouth and the fabric of your mask, thus helping you breathe better.

Angie shared it on Facebook with her friends and suddenly it became an overnight sensation with over 30,000 views!

Angie originally bought the bracket because her husband, working in a loud plant, would have to lower his mask to talk to coworkers and is at high-risk. Angie, herself, is a teacher and knew going back to school and wearing a mask all day, she would constantly be adjusting it.

Angie and her husband swear by these brackets and experts agree they can be a useful mask-tool, if used correctly. If you’re using the bracket, you want to make sure your mask still fits nice and snug. If your mask is loose, it can create open areas for viral particles or aerosoles to get into your mouth and nose area, which decreases the effectiveness of your mask.

To purchase or learn more about this 3D Mask Bracket, click here! To learn more about Angie and the full story, read here.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored and contains an Amazon Affiliate link, which we earn commission on for every purchase.


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