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How To Make: Beach Pudding Cups

Whether you're getting ready for the summer season, the beach, or hosting a gathering these beach pudding cups are super cute and easy to make! Everyone gets their own cup, gets into the summer spirit, and gets to enjoy a sweet treat!


  • 4 vanilla sandwich cookies, crushed

  • 1 package of Snack Pack® Pudding (the Mermaid pack would work best since it's blue)

  • Bear shaped cinnamon and chocolate graham crackers

  • Small fruit leather strips

  • Assorted gummy candies

  • Paper cocktail umbrellas

How To Make:

  1. Top pudding cups completely with ½ of the crushed vanilla cookies to look like sand.

  2. Top the pudding cups partially with remaining crushed cookies to resemble sand at the beach.

  3. Add a fruit leather strip on top.

  4. On top of the fruit strip, add the bear shaped graham cracker.

  5. Then add the gummy candy.

  6. Top with the paper cocktail umbrella.

  7. Serve immediately and enjoy!

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