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Hot Cocoa Boards

We are absolutely obsessed with charcuterie boards for every occasion! Of course, we had to share a Hot Cocoa board! We're rounding up some of our favorite, perfect for those cool nights by the fireplace, watching TV or a holiday movie with your loved ones!

This Cocoa board is filled with Hot Cocoa bombs and spoons, festive marshmallows, cookies, and of course, mini booze - for the adults! You can even order custom boards for delivery!

Image Credit: Grazin Table & Boards

Make it a festive theme! What's Hot Cocoa's favorite season? Winter! All your Hot Cocoa extras can be white, blue, and chocolate.

Image Credit: Instagram @house_of_goldies

This is a simple and small board, perfect for two people! Add some flair with ABC-cookies that spell out Hot Cocoa!

Image Credit: Instagram @linsey_and_company

This board is mostly filled with cookies, not as many ingredients you can put into your Hot Cocoa. But what goes best with Hot Cocoa? Cookies!

Image Credit: Instagram @yummiesandsmiles

Another small, yet super cute board filled with cookies and festive marshmallows. How cute are those mini Gingerbread houses?!

Image Credit: Instagram @athomewithjenna

Another similar idea is to create a Hot Chocolate Station. Check out our blog post on how to set it up!

Making a board or station? Share it with us on Instagram @limorloves!

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored.


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