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Learning From Home With 3M!

Now that we’ve been learning from home for the past few months, Lifestyle Expert Limor Suss has some great at home “fixes” that will make your life a bit easier throughout the rest of this school year!

Your household can definitely get loud and distracting. The 3M Kids Hearing Protection helps create a quiet environment at home.

They minimize distractions while your kids are studying, reading or doing homework. The ear cushions are comfortable and flexible for a secure, but not too tight fit! The headband is also adjustable, so you can keep it as your child grows, for kids 3 years or older. The earmuffs or hearing protectors fold up easily so you can take them with you anywhere! They come in a variety of fun colors, which makes the kids happy.

Staying organized during at-home learning can be a struggle. To make it easier for parent and child, set up a space for all their school supplies by using a Command Large Caddy. Put a label on it with their name, and stock it up with scissors, crayons, pencils and anything else kids might need. This way, they stay organized and kids can stop asking you where their scissors are every morning! Plus, they’re damage free so we don’t have to worry about leaving any residue behind if and when you take them down.

Limor used the Command Large Picture Hanging Strips to hang up a cork-board by the front door to keep track of important school dates and anything else you might need. Creating a small command center helps keep everyone organized.

If you’re a parent to younger kids, you’re probably looking for projects to do with them after their classwork is finished.

Try setting up a Spy Activity using Scotch Magic Tape. It keeps kids busy for hours, and all you need is some baby powder, a brush, black construction paper and Scotch Magic Tape!

Just have your kids press their fingers on a clean surface, then sprinkle some baby powder over the spot they touched. With a small brush, dust away the powder to reveal their fingerprints. Use scotch magic tape to transfer the prints from the surface onto your paper, and you’re done.

Scotch magic tape is the best! Frosty on the roll, but invisible on the job, this multi-purpose tape is great for crafting with kids.

So whether you need some more quiet & focus, or just some ways to stay organized, these products have you covered.

Here’s to a successful rest of the school year or working from home!

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. 3M is a sponsor of LS Media Inc, which owns

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