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Holiday Gift Basket: Pizza

Have a Pizza lover in your life? Or someone who loves cooking. We're sharing a Pizza gift basket that's perfect for everyone!

Instead of using a traditional basket, you could use a cooking tool like this Red Stainless Steal Strainer.

In the basket, include Pizza dough, a pizza wheel cutter, and plenty of Italian seasonings, like Oregano and Basil. We also chose to gift mini Mason jars as kitchen storage. You can also gift Chalkboard Labels and White Chalkboard Marker and they can write whatever ingredients they will store in them, or you can write them yourself!

Don't forget to include a cooking item, like this Italian Chef.

Whatever you chose to add in the basket your receiver is sure to love this creative gift! Don't forget to share it with us on Instagram @limorloves!

Disclaimer: This post uses affiliate links. Should you purchase an item from this link LS Media Inc will receive a commission.


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