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Holiday Gift Basket: Hot Cocoa!

This Holiday gift basket is perfect for youngsters, tweens, teens, or any of the adults in your life! It's a mix of Hot Cocoa and self-care treats!

Pick up a medium to large gift basket from any party supply or craft store! For this basket we chose a Santa Belt one.

Since this is a Hot Cocoa gift basket, add any of those treats. There are a tone of pre-made and pre-packaged, with all the goods, Hot Cocoa items! We chose a Cocoa 'Cone.' Some other ideas could include flavored Marshmallows, our favorite are Stuffed Puffs!

We also added small self-care treats. Holiday decorated facial masks packaged in Gingerbread man, Snowman, and Snowball sheets.

You can add whatever you like in your gift basket.

Share your Hot Cocoa themed gift basket with us on Instagram @limorloves!


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