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Holiday Gift Basket: Home Movie

Since most movie theaters are closed, this gift basket is the perfect gift for anyone you know that loves watching movies. Since they can't go out, bring the movies to them!

We packed this gift basket with popcorn, holiday colored candies, gift cards, and small games for the family!

We added a large popcorn bucket and some candies you can find at the movie theaters, like Red Mike & Ike's, Junior Mints, and Red & Green M&M's. We also included Happy Cards gift cards, which are multi-store gift cards.

Include a board game, that isn't holiday themed. For a holiday game, we included the Naughty or Nice Spinner. Some other games you could include are Christmas Trivia, Holiday Charades, or a Kids Dart Board.

It's unique to your friends or family, so include whatever items you think will make them happy! There is no wrong choice.

Make this gift basket? Share your version of it with us on Instagram @limorloves!

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