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Heart-Shaped Snacks and Food

If you're looking to buy your loved one heart-shaped treats they could snack on, look no further! We're rounding up some great heart-shaped food options for everyone you love! Of course, if you take a quick trip to Target, your local grocery store, or Amazon you'll find so many heart-shaped options!

If you love chocolate mints, you'll love this!

These Strawberry and Cream Lollipops taste delicious and you could even share them!

Everyone loves brownies! If you don't feel like making them, this is a great option.

Who doesn't love Pasta? Say 'I love you' with a home cooked meal!

This package comes with 1 Heart-Shaped (9 in) & 1 Round (9 in) Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza! Perfect for a quick dinner you don't feel like going out for.

Are you getting or making anything heart-shaped? Share it with us on Instagram @limorloves!

Disclaimer: This post uses affiliate links, should you purchase the product(s) using the link(s), LS Media Inc will receive a small commission.


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