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Halloween-Themed Shaped Products To Make Halloween Food!

When you're getting ready for Halloween you want to think, breathe, and eat the holiday. Whether it's to get excited for Halloween, or give the kiddos a fun treat, we're sharing Halloween-themed Shaped Food accessories!

DASH Mini Waffle Makers

These mini waffle makers are great for the kids. Not only are they mini shaped, so the kiddos will eat all their food up, but waffle makers are perfect for making a variety of food like cookies, brownies, eggs, grilled cheese, mozzarella "sticks", sandwiches, etc. These DASH Mini Waffle Makers come in shapes of Pumpkin, Skull, and Spiderweb.

Mini Waffle Maker

This mini waffle maker can make a ton of foods (eggs, cookies, etc) into round bite-sized shapes with fun Halloween scenery. You can make the Tik Tok famous, pancake bites, with these too!

Silicone Trays

These silicone trays are usually used for making spooky-shaped ice cubes but you can add brownie batter, cookie batter, or icing (for a cake) and they become a creepy-shaped food item! These are perfect for any and all baking needs.

Cookie Cutters

Of course, you have the classic - cookie cutters. Perfect for any type of food, you'll be able to get 11 different spooky shapes with these!

Do you make Halloween shaped food to celebrate the holiday? Share it with us in the comments below or on Instagram @limorloves.

Disclaimer: This post uses affiliate links, should you purchase an item using the link Limor Media will receive a small commission. This post is not sponsored, Amazon DASH has been a previous sponsor of Limor Media.


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