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Ghost Lollipops & Decor

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

These lollipops are a super fun way for kids to get an element of surprise - they won't know which flavor they're choosing! This could be a good decor piece as well! Once Halloween is over, you'll get to enjoy the lollipops!

Things You'll Need:

Lollipops (we used Blowpops)

White Dinner Napkins

Black Twist Ties

Black marker

How To Make:

Wrap the lollipops with the white napkin.

Tie with the black twist ties.

Draw eyes and a mouth.

To turn the Ghost lollipops into a decor piece, all you'll need is a mini Tree-stand, which you can find at your local craft store. If you choose to make it yourself, all you'll need is a stand, stick, and brown tape or marker. Then add your ghost lollipops all around the fake tree and it's a beautiful decor piece!

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