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Halloween Eyeball Garnish

These eyeballs are the perfect garnish for any cocktail or food platter you'll be having for the Halloween season. They're super easy to make but you'll need a bit of time!

What You'll Need:

  • Radishes

  • Olives with Pimentos

  • Sharp Knife

  • Small Corer (if you have, or else a knife is fine!)

How To Make Them:

  1. Clean your Radishes and Olives.

  2. Skin the radish so there are strips of red lines. Hint: If you slice extra thin, it looks bloodshot. Core the inside of the Radish. (If you don't have a corer, just use the sharp knife!) Cut the Olive with Pimento around the size of the hole.

  3. Stuff the Olive inside the Radish. Do it again for all your Radishes.

  4. Once complete, serve and enjoy!

If you make these, share it with us on Instagram @limorloves!


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