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Halloween Charcuterie Boards

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Halloween is just around the corner and whether is cheese and meats or candy and sweets we're sharing the perfect boards to serve at a party or at home!

Meat & Cheese Boards

This board by Sugar and Plum is another great meat and cheese board but with some fall-colored fruit!

This board from Howe We Live is the perfect cheese and meat platter with a spooky twist.

This board from Wisconsin Cheese combines meat, cheeses, and festive candies.

This board from Value Minded Mama combines cheese, pigs in a blanket, marshmallows, and fun Halloween candy.

This board from Freut Cake combines cheeses and other fun snacks in a bat theme!

Candy Boards

This fun board by Jennifer Maune is the ultimate Halloween cookies and candies snack!

This candy board by Foodie Crush adds an element of spooky!

This board by Kara's Party Ideas is the spookiest board yet! Served on a skeleton platter, filled with lots of Halloween candy, it's the ultimate party board!

This board from Giggles Galore is another great Halloween candy board. Perfect for when you're watching a spooky movie!

This board from the Bakers Mama combines fruits and a bit of junk food. Add eyes to anything and it comes creative!

Non-Food Boards

This board from Everyday Party Mag combines individually wrapped candies with Halloween-goodies, like eye-balls and Pumpkin light up necklaces. There's a small gift for everyone!

If you're looking for more charcuterie board inspiration, check out our post on unconventional boards! If you make any Halloween boards don't forget to tag @Limorloves on Instagram!


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